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Eszencia Oremus 2006

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Volume: 375 ml | Winery: TOKAJ OREMUS | HUNGARY


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The summit of the winery's wines is Tokaj Aszú, the Tokaj tear wine. Tokaji Aszú is the noblest sweet wine in the world in whose development noble rot exerts its benign influence. It is the wine for which Tsar Peter the Great of Russia sent the legions of Cossacks to guard the Tokaj cellars and the roads along which this wine was transported to Saint Petersburg to be served at the table of Catherine the Great. Of him Voltaire said: "This wine invigorates every fiber of my brain and produces in the depths of my soul an enchanting flash of intelligence and good humor." Aszú wine can only be made in years of excellent harvests when nature provides the favorable climatic conditions for the development in the best conditions of noble rot. The tasting notes of these wines highlight the great cleanliness and, above all, the excellent balance between sweetness and acidity.