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Vi de Glass Gewürztraminer 2022

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Volume: 375 ml | Winery: GRAMONA | SPAIN


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Thinking about the Eiswein (ice wines) that are obtained by freezing the grapes in the subsequent vineyard, cold pressing and fermentation at low temperature, Jaume Gramona set out to achieve a wine with similar characteristics without having frosts in the vineyard during the harvest months. lesson. The only natural way that could further concentrate this must after a late harvest was by partially freezing it, which entails absolute oenological control of the process: supra-extraction and cryo-extraction in a cold chamber. For this, a yeast selected by the University of Bordeaux with an accentuated plasmolysis effect is used. Very concentrated fruity wines that are very sweet and acidic at the same time are obtained, which gives them fluidity and character with aging capacity and an impressive evolution in the bottle.