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Copa Oficial Whisky

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In the long history of whiskey, there had never been a glass that the whiskey world could call its own. Now, after long years of waiting and following the Scottish tradition of constantly innovating, “The Official Whiskey Glass” has arrived. Combining the expertise of the highest eminences in the world of Whiskey “The Official Whiskey Glass” has its roots in the ancient glasses that the master distillers used to taste, smell and observe the Whisky. It had to be an easy-to-hold cup with a design that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. A glass that does not transmit the heat of the hand to the Whiskey in which the Whiskey could be clearly appreciated to see the color and its shades. That when you want to smell the Whiskey by tilting the glass it could reach almost to the edge of it without any danger of spilling and finally that when you drink the Whiskey the edge of the glass would be just below the nose so that the aroma did not interfere with the taste